Things to Know About Land Clearing

Lot clearing, commonly known as land clearing, is the process of eliminating debris, boulders, tree stumps, and trees from property for the purposes of land development, construction projects, or property improvement.

Land clearing is an excellent way to enlarge the feel of your property and put your land to use while keeping a courteous relationship with the nature around it, whether you plan to use your land for real estate development, hunting, farming, or other purposes.

1.) Things to Consider

While it’s highly advised that you select a contracting service to do the job of land clearing, there are a lot of preparations and considerations you can make before hiring a land clearing company:

2.) Remove Boulders and Fell any Trees

This is a job that you can do prior to professional land clearing. This is particularly true if you know how to use a chainsaw and your land is not too big. The wood obtained from fallen trees can either be cut into firewood and stored, made into mulch using a mulching machine, or hauled away for disposal.

Know If You Require a Permit

There might be protected wildlife or wildlands residing on your property that needs a permit to remove. This depends on the vegetation that surrounds your land and where it is located. To see if you are allowed to clear the land, check with your local land planning agency before you do any measure of work. Though it may appear like a hassle at first, starting a project only to know that you aren’t authorized to continue because of local regulations can result in costly fees. Luckily, a contractor may be able to take care of the required permits for you if you hire one.

Tools Utilized for Land Clearing

The number of machines required to do the job properly is one compelling reason to contact a professional land clearing company. Land clearing varies from other landscaping services.

  • Large Chain

A huge chain can be wrapped around the debris and hauled away behind a tractor for tree stump or boulder removal.

  • Front Loaders

They are utilized to move large rocks or fallen tree limbs out of the way of clearing machinery. To help make the land clearing process simpler, they have to get rid of any heavy and large objects in the land. This will also prevent the need to stop and start every time a hindrance is met.

  • Brush Hoggers

These are rotary mowers that cut down tall grasses, overgrown under bush, and thick vegetation. Bush hoggers can clear huge areas of land that have been left unattended. This includes a property with small trees.

You have to ensure you communicate your needs visually and verbally with the land clearing company if there are areas or trees you do not want to have removed in the process. Use bright yellow caution tape to mark off areas that are untouchable. For protection, you can also use fabric to wrap them. Clearly mark these off if there are any low hanging branches.